HiSeasNet is a satellite communications network established in 2002 and designed specifically to provide continuous Internet connectivity for oceanographic research. As of 2020, we serve 18 vessels within the US Academic Research Fleet (ARF) as well 2 vessels in the United States Antarctic Program (USAP).

Access to the Internet is an integral part of nearly every research lab and office on land; extending this access to oceanographic research vessels – our seagoing laboratories – broadly impacts seagoing research activities.

As commercial options have become more readily available, HiSeasNet leverages various technology to provide a holistic solution for research vessels. See our services for more information.

For the research vessels, HiSeasNet will provide:

  • Transmission of hot data in real-time to shore-side collaborators
  • Basic communications-email, voice and video teleconferencing for scientists, engineers and crew at sea
  • Tools for real-time educational interactions between shipboard scientists, teachers and the classroom, as well as informal science and other education and outreach activities.

UC San Diego ground station

9711 Radome Assembly

HiSeasNet and Fleet Xpress example

Fleet Xpress example