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March 2010: Expanded bandwidth in the Pacific Ocean

HiSeasNet has expanded its bandwidth in the Pacific Ocean Region. Using the NSS-9 satellite, HiSeasNet provides 512kbps shore-to-ship service for 4 ships. This is an improvement from the 256kbps offered on the Intelsat-701 satellite.

28 January 2010

HiSeasNet on Intelsat IS 707, providing service for 4 ships in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans, has now increased the shore-to-ship bandwidth from 128 kbps to 512 kbps.

10 December 2009

Steve Foley will present the talk "Improved data capacity using bandwidth acceleration in HiSeasNet" at the upcoming 2009 Fall AGU. The talk is on Monday, 14 December in IN13C, Moscone West, in the session "Sensing, Networking and Fusing the Data I."

21 October 2009

HiSeasNet engineer Steve Foley will present "Advanced communications for remote ocean platforms in the coming 15 years," at the 2010 Ocean Sciences meeting. The abstract can be viewed here.

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