Going to sea and planning for Internet connectivity can be be fraught with challenges of superstructure blockage at higher latitudes, changing heading, heavy seas and congested networks.

Thinking about and/or engaging the HiSeasNet team in your planning process can help achieve better results.

Planning your cruise

Questions to ask when planning your cruise:

  • Do you have planned research station locations with LAT/LON? This makes it easier to plan communication
  • Do you have any VPN-based off-ship access needs?
  • Do you have any video access needs?
  • Do you have any need for off-ship personnel to access computers on-ship?
  • Do you have any need for off-ship personnel to remotely participate in your cruise?
  • Do you have any need for real-time or near-real-time data to flow from ship->shore or shore-> ship?
  • Do you have any for bulk data transfer that could overwhelm available satellite throughput?
  • Will you operate equipment that uses RF? If so, what frequencies?

Low-bandwidth Internet

Things to plan for prior to being on satellite Internet:

  • Please patch your OS
  • Please patch your anti-virus
  • Install a firewall