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Mailing lists should be set up similar to the ANF Mailing lists.

There is a HiSeasNet operators mailing list that should have HiSeasNet technical contacts on it. The address for this list is It is intended to be used for alerting the technical contacts on shore and on ships of any issues regarding the network status, maintenance, development, or otherwise. This list also includes shore side people who may also wish to be aware of the status of HiSeasNet operations. The web page to access this list is

There is also a HiSeasNet users mailing list that is intended for people to discuss HiSeasNet uses, applications to science, etc. The address for this list is This list is open to everyone who may wish to discuss HiSeasNet, specifically users from the science community. So far, the traffic on this list is low if any, but will hopefully pick up when more science needs are discussed. The web page to access this list is

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