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After years of operation (and answering these questions), the following list of common questions has been assembled with a variety of answers. It is hoped that operators of HiSeasNet gear will look here first for answers or suggestions of things to try in troubleshooting scenarios. This document will be maintained to better share knowledge of all ship experiences with other operators. Please send any additional questions, commends, additions, etc. to the HiSeasNet technical staff (<>) or post comments here in the wiki. Heck, feel free to add your own questions (with answers).

There is a separate collection of questions for scientists and other users at this FAQ.

The questions have been separated into the following categories (please feel free to add new ones):

Recently updated questions

Recently Updated

As you and your team create content this area will fill up and display the latest updates.

Question Categories

General Questions

Policy Questions

Equipment Questions

Troubleshooting Questions

Manual Contradictions

Surely there is some answer that contradicts a manual or other source of information. Given the choice between believing the manual and believing these FAQs, it is probably best to believe a manual. These answers were written over time and many changes have been made to equipment during those times. It is entirely possible that the answer refers to older models or versions of firmware. There may also be some over simplification, too.

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