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Everyone seems to have their own tips and tricks for working with HiSeasNet gear. Got a tip or a trick you want to share with others? Post it. Comment. Share. Learn. Dont forget to check out the associated Contributed software page to see what other bits of code people have offered up.

Squid Proxy Settings

Jon Meyer at SIO has had some great results with special Squid proxy settings. This allows him to more evenly distribute the web traffic on the ship and politely limit and educate the user automatically about how much bandwidth is really available. This technique can be applied to any ship with a Squid web proxy.

Blacklist Filtering Proxy

HiSeasNet also runs a shore proxy that applies a common blacklist. Ships may optionally point on-ship web proxies to the shore proxy for their traffic to be filtered before it goes over the satellite. Some brief empirical testing shows that this may reduce traffic by about 5%.

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