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The 7 meter dishes at the HiSeasNet Earth Station

Sep 2014

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Assembling a radome for R/V Sally Ride

Oct 2016

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HiSeasNet is a satellite communications network designed specifically to provide continuous Internet connectivity for oceanographic research ships and platforms. Access to the Internet is an integral part of nearly every research lab and office on land; extending this access to oceanographic ships --our – our seagoing laboratories --will – will broadly impact seagoing research activities. For the ships, HiSeasNet will provide:

  • Transmission of hot data in real-time to shore-side collaborators;.
  • Basic communications-email, voice and video teleconferencing for scientists, engineers and crew at sea;.
  • Tools for real-time educational interactions between shipboard scientists, teachers and the classroom, as well as informal science and other education and outreach activities.
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Removing R/V Endeavor getting HiSeasNet installedRoger Revelle's radome to replace the fiberglass, after nearly a decade of service

Oct 2016

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