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The SeaTel 9797 and 4996 systems ship with air conditioners from Marine Air Systems. These are reasonably common air conditioners and are serviceable by a dealer in may ports world wide. They are built in Florida. HiSeasNet maintains a spare air conditioner for the 9797 systems that can be shipped as needed if a dealer is not available.

Both should be Passport series models (Passport II?) from Marine Air, but the 4996 and 9797 versions have different intake/exhaust configurations that make them a little different. There are, however, the same size and guts. The

Sometime around 2010, the refrigerants changed an the Passport II was either discontinued, or part numbers were swapped around. In April of 2011, SIO purchased an A/C with P/N 20200402 and description "HSA16KCZ-417A 2NDGE with cord". They got a good deal somehow (EDU? SeaTel?) and it seemed to be a good replacement for an original A/C for the 9797 antenna from 2002.





Issue: Air Conditioner front panel is showing an "ASF" error.

Suspected problem: According to Marine Air Systems, this error message is a result of either a faulty contact on the ribbon cable connecting the front panel to the PCB control board, or else the front panel itself is faulty.

Suggested troubleshooting procedure:

  • First, remove the mounting screws on the front panel and disconnect the ribbon cable (RJ-45 type connector) from the front pane.
  • Using a pencil eraser or other medium clean the copper contacts on both the ribbon cable connector and the receptacle on the front panel.
  • Reconnect the cable and front panel and check performance.
  • If the problem remains:
    • Disconnect the ribbon cable from the PCB control board.
    • Clean all contact surfaces and reconnect cable and PCB board.
    • Check operation
  • If problem still remains after cleaning contact surfaces on the ribbon cable, front panel and PCB control board, then replace front panel.



Marine Air tells us that there is no compressor tech manual for that A/C unit. The only manual they have is the user manual here. They also indicate that the units are closed systems, so there should be no loss of refrigerant. If there is no cold air from the unit then a leak test must be performed. The units are air cooled, so a specific Marine Air dealer is not required. Any commercial or residential air conditioner repair company (or perhaps the engineering department) should be able to fix the units.

The initial charge for the refrigerant is 25 oz.
Low side operating pressure is 70 psi.
High side operating pressure is 225 – 235 psi.