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In order to get the web-based/remote upgrade feature working, Internet Explorer needs to be used. Firefox with Java 7 or 8 doesnt seem to do anything. Safari doesnt load the classes correctly. IE with Java 8 and the above mentioned security exceptions seem to do the job, while Chrome on Windows 7 doesnt. Even so, it is safest, fastest, and easiest to do a firmware upgrade by putting the firmware files (cf.img.gz, fpga.bin.gz, and uImage) in a directory named "UPGRADE" on a flash drive, and trigger the upgrade via the front panel (Main->Edit->Unit->Upgrade).

In general, for the upgrade to be successful it is worth saving your configuration, loading factory defaults (Main, edit, memories, recall, [LOAD_DEFAULTS]), then performing a modem reboot to clear the RAM. Once complete, perform the upgrade. 

There are some detailed factory instructions, and some for-best-results-do-this notes from the Teledyne folks regarding upgrades: