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  • Traffic is interrupted during a software upgrade
  • To perform an upgrade, connect the modem to a PC using an Ethernet patch cable.
  • Ensure the modem and PC are configured for the same network address, but with different IP addresses
  • Please read the software upgrade application note prior to upgrading, ensuring all preliminary steps are complied with
  • The modem should be in Bridge mode, with advanced features such as ACM, routing & acceleration switched off
  • From the browser, connect to the modem’s M&C IP address and log in
  • Navigate to: Edit > Unit > Upgrade > Open
  • Then browse to the zip file containing the new software
  • Q-Flex upgrades complete within 2 minutes
  • If upgrading from a USB stick, The USB needs the standard "UPGRADE" directory with the files unzipped for the software download.  The modem will check for a USB device with the upgrade directory during the recovery process.

Version 3.80.80 Software

  • Fixes bugs and has new features (See Release Notes)
  • Adds sFlow support
  • Release Notes 
    View file
    nameParadise Datacom Software Release Notes V3.0.89a.pdf

Firmware Recovery

  • Sometimes the firmware upgrade can fail if the connection is dropped mid-transfer.
  • When the firmware transfers slowly, the modem upgrade will sometimes complete, but the front panel interface might timeout and not show that it is complete. A reboot should bring this back.
  • When an upgrade fails or seems to fail, it may come up with the TX muted. This is part of the reason a remote over-the-satellite upgrade can be iffy. Be prepared to have someone near the modem re-enable the Tx.
  • If an upgrade fails then power cycle the modem with the MAIN key held on during power up and then select RESCUE to connect to a basic web server on that can be used to repeat the upgrade
  • In addition, the Q-Flex always retains the software version that it originally shipped with, so if the upgrade fails then you can always revert to this version by holding down the MAIN key during power up and entering 5 (this is a hidden option) to boot using the backup software version