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Comment: Added warning about SAF code.


WARNING WARNING - installing Software Activated Features (SAF) such as a Data Rate License will over write some of the configuration parameters in the modem.  In particular, applying a SAF code will over write the Point to Multipoint setting, and the BridgeMode setting.  If you apply a SAF code, pre-audit all modem parameters, and post audit after applying the SAF code.   Do no not recommend applying a SAF code to a ship at sea in case you need ssh access into the modem using a non-HSN path.


I am sorry that the change we put into the menus has been a little confusing. The new menu settings are used when the Q-Flex is a remote to a Q-MultiFlex hub. This requires slightly different settings under the hood which are not compatible with those needed when Q-Flex modems are used at the hub.

In your system, the original style menus and settings have to be used and this is achieved by using the PUP command. It is a one-time change that will be persistent across reboots, power-cycles and upgrades.  (COMMENT BY HSN STAFF - IT APPEARS THAT A NEW SAF CODE WILL WILL UNDUE THIS CHANGE AS DESCRIBED.  YOU HAVE TO REDO AFTER APPLYING A SAF CODE.)

To do this, Telnet to the modem M&C IP address and login with user/passwd pup/TEST, then issue the commands below:

login: pup



         Paradise Universal Protocol (PUP) client


$login paradise

$save showBridgeMode

File saved OK



The new menus only come into force on the front panel after a reboot, so please either reset the modem or power-cycle it. When the modem comes back up, you can select the Point-to-multipoint mode that you are used to. They should interwork with the previous version, except that data/symbol rate limits are different.