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  • What do the front panel lights on mean on the Teledyne modem?

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According to the Teledyne Q-flex modem manual, the 5 status LED lights have the following significance:






Unit Status

Not used

Unit fault

Not used

Unit OK

Rx Traffic

Rx fault or Rx disabled

Not used

Not used


Tx Traffic

Tx fault or Tx disabled

Not used

Not used


Test Mode

Normal mode

Not used

Test mode

Not used

Tx Carrier

Carrier muted

Not used

1:1 standby

Carrier active

It may seem a bit misleading when the Tx traffic light is green. That really just indicates that the transmit side of the modem is configured and not in a fault condition. It is the Tx Carrier light that actually indicates if the carrier is being transmitted. If the Tx Carrier light is dark, this is usually an indication of the modem either being configured to have transmit set to "Off" or it is set to "Rx Enabled" but the modem does not have a receive lock and therefore is not transmitting.