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  • HiSeasNet Technical Introduction and Committed Information Rates (CIR) 2016

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HiSeasNet is a project to bring nearly-full-time, low bandwidth Internet connections to ships at sea. This allows ships to pass routine data on a more frequent or constant basis. Additionally, it allows for a slow dribble of a large quantity of data over time if bulk data transfers are needed.

The core technologies involve leased C-band and Ku-band satellite bandwidth paid for on a monthly basis, not by the minute or bit. HiSeasNet maintains an earth station on the roof of SDSC in San Diego, broadcasting onto 3 satellites: NSS-9 (POR, C-Band, 7.2m Vertex dish), Intelsat IS-23 (AOR, C-Band, 7.2m Vertex dish), and SatMex8 (Ku-Band, 3.8m Prodelin dish). C-band ships access the satellites through SeaTel 9797 2.4m antennas, while Ku-band ships use SeaTel 4996 (1.2m), 6006 (1.5m), and 4006 (0.95m) dishes. The modems in use are all Comtech CDM-550 and the routers are Cisco of one variety of another (usually 2800 series).

For some descriptions of projects that are using the HiSeasNet system, please look at (and contribute to) Projects using HiSeasNet.