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  • How do I replace a PCU?
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The procedure for the PCU replacement is as follows:

Working with remote commands can be dangerous as a wrong code could change something unintended with no easy way to see what was changed. Take extra care to get the correct values entered or corrected properly.

  1. Record the current parameters in the DAC just in case something should damage or change them accidentally.
  2. Before replacing the PCU hardware, it is a good idea to record the 4-digit code that was programmed intothe installed PCU. To view the 4-digit code complete the following steps:
    1. Using the DAC:
      1. Ise the MODE key to navigate to the REMOTE COMMAND window. You may need to enter the bypass code to get into the extended menus.
      2. While at the Remote Command Window, key in ., 7, 8, ENTER
      3. The screen will show N0000. Now key in 0, 9, 9, 9, ENTER.
      4. View and record the 4-digit number displayed in the bottom left corner of the DAC display window. This is the code you will need to enter to program the replacement PCU.
    2. OR Using DacRemP:
      1. Connect your computer to the DAC using the Seatel supplied cable. Connect this 9-pin, straight through, DB-9 cable between the M&C port on the rear panel of the DAC and the serial port of your computer.
      2. Open the RemDacP software program.
      3. Verify that the "Port Status" light is green. This means that you have a solid connection between the DAC and the computer.
      4. View the "Comm Diagnostics" box. There are three windows in this box. The top left side window is used to enter commands to the system. The top right side window is labeled "Last Sent", and simply repeats what command you sent to the PCU. The larger sized window below these two is the "Response" window and shows the response from the PCU based on the command. (Not all commands will provide a response).
      5. In the Top left window, enter the following command "N0999". That is a capitol N, zero, 9, 9, 9 and then press "ENTER". This command sends a question to the PCU asking it how it is currently programmed. In the response window, you will see the code number for the existing PCU. This is the code number you will need to program the replacement PCU. Record this number.
      6. Close RemDacP, disconnect the computer.
  3. Make the hardware swap. This involves the following steps:
    1. Turn off the antenna.
    2. Locate the PCU box.
    3. Label the connectors.
    4. Disconnect the connectors.
    5. Remove the PCU box. The mounting hardware likely has Loctite on it and may be a bit difficult to release at first.
    6. Put the replacement unit where the original came from. Preferrably use Loctite to keep the mounting hardware from shaking lose over time.
    7. Reconnect the cables properly again.
    8. Turn the antenna back on.
  4. Program the PCU with your dish model.
    1. To do this at the antenna controller, do the following:
      1. Navigate the DAC to the window. This usually involves hitting the MODE button until it says REMOTE COMMAND at the top of the screen. You may need to enter the bypass code to get into the extended menus.
      2. While at the window, key in ., 7, 8, ENTER
      3. The screen will show N0000. Enter the 4-digit code for your SeaTel model number, followed by the ENTER key. These codes are listed below and should match the code you initially got before you started replacement of the unit:
          • 0140 for a C-band 9797 2.4m dish
          • 0208 for a C-band 9797A 2.4m dish with PCU software version 1.5x
          • 0211 for a C-band 9797A/9797B 2.4m dish with PCU software version 2.xx (For 9797B, the N1, N2, and N3 values shoudl be 050, and N7 133)
          • 0020 for a Ku-band 4006 1m dish
          • 0022 for a Ku-band 6006 1.5m dish
    2. OR using DacRemP:
      1. With the replacement PCU installed, power on the antenna and the DAC. You will notice that the antenna Level Cage will move, but the antenna itself will not move. This is because the PCU does not know what antenna it is connected to and will need to be programmed with the code number you recorded from the original PCU.
      2. Re-connect the DAC and computer, and open the RemDacP program. View the Comm Diagnostics box. Move to the top left side window, and enter the same command as before - that is "N0999". That is capitol N, zero, and three 9s and then press "ENTER". Again you are asking the replacement PCU if it is programmed. In the response window you should see "0000". That is four zeros.
      3. Move back to the top left side window And enter the code number you recorded from the original PCU. Be sure to enter the capitol N, and any zeros. For example, if the code number you recorded was 0214, enter
        "N0214" in the top left side window. If the code number you recorded was 0020, the you must enter "N0020" in the top left side window. After you enter this code number and press "ENTER", should see this number in the response window.
      4. Next view the two rows of buttons on the Comm Diagnostics box. Note the button on the bottom of the right side column. The button is labeled "Save Remote". Place your mouse cursor on this button and click one time. In the top right side window you should see the following "^0087". This is the command to save the parameter change in the PCU. The programming of the replacement PCU is now complete.
  5. Double check the parameters in the DAC to make sure they are still the same as before.
  6. Power cycle both the antenna and the DAC for good measure.
  7. Retarget the satellite by entering in the longitude again.